Let me sew for you!


Working with fabric and clothing brings me great joy.  Seeing the smile when I return a favorite garment that has been returned to wearable life is a special pleasure.

Have a great jacket you just love but can’t wear because of the rip in a seam?  or perhaps the hem is falling out of your favorite pair of slacks?  or maybe the kid’s hoodie needs a new zipper?  how about a pillow to accent the sofa and liven up the room?

I can pretty much fix or make anything that is made of cloth.  Before you throw it out or give it away, let’s talk.  In today’s economy, frugal is the new cool.  Preserving the things we already own and altering them to stretch another season or two just seems like common sense.

Some ideas:

  • Alter waist sizes
  • Hem gowns, dresses and trousers
  • Replace zippers
  • Mend torn seams
  • Sew on or replace buttons
  • Remove, add or modify sleeves
  • Alter darts

Call for an appointment.

I Do Sewing & Alterations  ~ Kay Proctor ~ 258 LCR 750 ~ Thornton TX 76687 ~ 512-658-0094

Wedding Bells for Laurie…


Another lovely gal came through my door… I DO have the best sewing customers EVER.  I made the decision when my husband passed away in 2009, that only THE right people would find themselves to my door.

And one for one, it has been the case. Laurie Anderson is among that group.

Not only is she just a sweetheart, she is a math major, loves teaching math (which was my a major), has had her share of ups & downs in life & has found a high school sweetheart that found himself looking for her after all these years going in different directions.

This gown was perfect for her. It was a bone beige with a slight rose cast to it. Very vintage with a cowl scarf effect on the back. The shoulders were way too  big, so I took the dress apart & made them fit her properly.

The skirt — well it had bulges in places there there weren’t supposed to have bulges &  this beautiful girl has a great figure. So this meant, dive into the layers of lining & interfacing, find a way to slim out the bulges without hitting beading and upsetting the integrity of the skirt.

It turned out great as you can see. Her wedding day was Saturday, April 16th @ 3:00. This is her sweet fellow in their ring exchange.

Sending love, kisses and best wishes for many happy days in your new phase…Alterations-Kay-Proctor-Wedding-Dress-78634-78664-Laurie-Anderson

Motorcycle seat… who knew?


Motocycle Seat - 1  4.28.16Not my usual project, but what the heck — I am game for most anything. This was particularly difficult to navigate. No, I did not make the cover, I only put on the patches, but wowza…those on the seat in those small contoured areas were practically the death of me. They turned out good though. My sweet customer, Shannon Tibble, sent me these pictures after he had taken the cover to the upholsterer. Made me smile to see the finished result.Motocycle Seat - 2  4.28.16

Featuring the beautiful Presley Perlinger…



In her stunning prom gown for the Cedar Creek (Round Rock, TX) prom this past Saturday night, April 16th, 2016.

Not only is her gown absolutely stunning, Presley is an exquisite young woman. She selected the gorgeous cranberry-wine red gown, featuring this dropped waist, adorned with many lovely bangles.

The skirt needed a hem. It was 6 layers of beauty under 3 layers of tulle. Tulle is very soft net and sticks easily to itself.  It was a labor of love to get these 3 layers evenly stacked on each other, so that I could perfectly cut off 4″.  Quite a trick and a rather lengthy process.

But the result was perfect. Happy mom, very happy Presley and all went well. Her mom sent me this picture right before she left with her fellow. Beautiful white rose wrist corsage complete the perfect look on this very perfect young woman.

Enjoyed every minute…



Lovely Drapery Project Complete & Hung…


Karen Hall-Kay-Proctor-drapes-78634Take a look at this drapery project just completed and hung. The client, the lovely Karen Hall, is most happy. Her words: “They are spectacular”.  Karen Hall_drapes_Kay_Proctor_78634

Lovely tone on tone ivory fabric from Calico Corners, customized to fit her 100″ long windows with a 5″ extension on each side so the full window is exposed when open. Lined with a beautiful ivory lining, pleated precisely and pressed to perfection.



Cushion Cushions for Vintage Love Seat


jodee myer cushion 2Lovely Jodie Myers contacted me to see if I would make cushion covers for this vintage love seat that her husband, Jerry, had spent hours refinishing. Boy was it a beauty.

She chose 8″ foam for the cushions to make the seat height easier for them. Additionally the foam required a stationary cover so that the fashion fabric cover would slide in and out of the cover, when the cover needed to be laundried. I also put a long zipper in the welting to make getting the fashion cover off and on easy.

She selected this palm fabric and wanted a certain placement on the front of each cushion. They turned out gorgeous as you can see and they now sit proudly on their front porch.

And I have the extra bonus of now have two very dear ‘new’ friends. Such a pleasure to do what I do. Thank you Jodie and Jerry Myers.


Wedding Dress at age 69


wedding dress w corset 1This has to be THE sweetest story ever. I had the pleasure of helping this sweet lady celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary. She had never had a wedding dress so her family decided that they would renew their vows and momma would have her dress.

They found a dress on sale but it was too small. They brought it to me and I made a corset back that laced wedding dress w corset 2up with satin ties and made the dress fit momma like a glove.

Her beautiful daughter, Irene Herrera and her daughter-in-law, Benita Martinez made all the arrangements and the finale was nothing short of spectacular.

Was such a delight to see momma so very happy. Best story ever!


Hutto Chamber Gala sees my work on tuxedo jacket…


Tom - Hutto Chamber Gala

Hutto Chamber Gala Feb 15 2014

Yes, Tom Britton, President of the Hutto Chamber of Commerce had this gorgeous yellow tuxedo jacket that needed altering.


He is one suave guy, so we set out together to make this jacket fit him like a glove. Adjusted the sleeves length, the jacket length & a few secret adjustments, making the end result perfect.

Tom Birtton Hutto Chamber President Feb 15 2014


He was one very happy gentleman and a sweetheart to boot. Enjoyed having him in my sewing room for sure.