Motorcycle seat… who knew?


Motocycle Seat - 1  4.28.16Not my usual project, but what the heck — I am game for most anything. This was particularly difficult to navigate. No, I did not make the cover, I only put on the patches, but wowza…those on the seat in those small contoured areas were practically the death of me. They turned out good though. My sweet customer, Shannon Tibble, sent me these pictures after he had taken the cover to the upholsterer. Made me smile to see the finished result.Motocycle Seat - 2  4.28.16

About Kay Proctor

A strong, self-motivated business executive with over 30 years of sales and marketing training along with teaching and executive management experience, Kay brings her knowledge, skills and abilities resulting in expansion of your business. Over the course of her career, she has worked in fields of management, CEO, business owner, sales, finance and teacher. She has created and implemented successful policy and procedure development to assist in expansion. She gets results and businesses expand as a result of her help. Kay is very direct, she is very, very funny (with millions of Texas slang expressions) and she is very energetic. For hobbies, she enjoys sewing and is a very accomplished seamstress, she is a very accomplished dancer, she loves gardening, growing her own vegetables and she loves to make things better. Her greatest joy is to see things improve and is a true entrepreneur.

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