Hey folks…I found an AMAZING seamstress who is wonderful, VERY fast as well as very reasonably priced. Message me and I can share her contact info. She hemmed two pairs of W’s uniform pants, “tucked” E’s uniform skorts, and sewed patches on uniform shirts for us. Her work is perfect! So happy to have found her! ~ Melissa Brogan, Hutto TX

I used Kay on several occasions to hem slacks for my husband and to shorten dress shirt sleeves. Her work is totally professional. She does a fabulous job. I could not be happier. ~Nanette Fagan, Hutto TX

Thanks for fixing my bathing suit! U did a great job! ~ Matt Donovan, Hutto TX

Thanks Kay for fixing my favorite pair of black slacks so that I could wear them to my Auntie’s funeral. I really appreciate it, You did a great job. ~Ashley Young, Hutto TX

Kay did a great job putting on the patches on the shirts for my children’s school uniforms. I was very happy with the quality of the work she did and was very reasonably priced. ~Kim Knapek, Round Rock TX


I Do Sewing & Alterations  ~ Kay Proctor ~ 401 Blackman Trail ~ Hutto TX 78634 ~ 512-658-0094

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  1. Kay always goes above and beyond to take care of our needs. From altering my son’s gi’s to reinforcing a parachute. We have been going to Kay for about 3 years and will continue to use her. My family appreciates everything she does for us.

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