Cutest Jui Jitsu boy ever…


Kay-Proctor-Alterations-Hutto-Silver-jiu-jitsu-UniformPlease meet Silver. He is 4 years old and his dad, Josh Finkey loves his son with all his heart.

They recently purchased new Gi’s (name for the uniform) for all the kids in his Jui Jitsu class. Silver is the smallest guy there and with the smallest size purchased, it still just swallowed him.

It is still big (as you can see from the pictures), but it is way better than it was.

I took off the waist band, shorten the crotch seam which took out some of the extra bulk. Replaced the waist band — big 15 inch waist, so it stays up when he tumbles.  Of course the length was shorten, but not to cover up the awesome patches.

The jacket — while it is still huge — got the sleeves shorten and at least, Silver can wear it now.

Silver was so happy, as he loved his new uniform, but it was sooo big that he could not tumble and do the activities that he needed. It was just too restrictive.Kay-Proctor-Alterations-78634-Hutto-Silver-Uniform

Happy boy and happy dad left my sewing room. He can now wear his new uniform. Overall effect was priceless.

Love Josh so much for making such wonderful memories for his son. Silver will always remember how dad made it go right so that he could wear his new uniform, not just see it hang, with the ‘you gotta grow into it’. Dad made it smaller for him to wear now. Love that daddy.


Prom dresses… what fun…


How much fun can one seamstress have? Well, lots when it comes to gorgeous dresses.

I have had the pleasure of helping some of the most beautiful girls make their prom dresses fit like a glove, show off all their curves and have them look smokin’ hot for this special time in their life.

Maggie-Taylor-Prom-Kay-Proctor-AlterationsMaggie Taylor, Hutto High School prom plus Thorndale prom with her boyfriend. Double duty from this amazing dress. Eleven yards around the bottom of pure elegance, tapered to a slight train in the back. She was so stunning, her mom, Marianne, and I just sat there with our jaw dropped. She is such a beautiful girl in a most beautiful dress.

Elena Gavia was a pure dream… Her mom, Maria and I had so much fun.Kay-Proctor-Elena-Gavia-Sewing-Altreration Kay-Proctor-Alterations-Taylor-Hutto-Elena-GarviaElena goes to Hutto High School with their prom May 17th. Here she is in my sewing room then with her good-looking boyfriend. We so enjoyed one another, that I know we’ll see more of each other soon. It was an instant love affair with Elena. She is the epitome of a doll baby.

Kay-Proctor-Alterations-Ellie-Gunderson-78664Ellie Gunderson — sophomore at Cedar Ridge High School in Round Rock. This young lady is a volley ball player and she has a figure that all of us would easily die for.

Kay-Proctor-Alterations-Ellie-Gunderson-78634Here she is in this gorgeous red dress, leg slit up to the uh-uh, and the back so elegantly draped.  Enjoyed her very much, and her mom, Stephanie, was an absolute joy too.

Kay-Proctor-Alterations-78664-78634-Nicole-FisherNicole Fisher — sophomore at Cedar Ridge High School in Round Rock. Volley ball player too, and body is so svelte that us older gals become immediately envious. Her gorgeous hot pink gown was another one that had eleven yards of very slippery silk chiffon. Turned out great, and she was all set to dance the night away with her date.

Lauren Wright1Lauren Wright — senior at Elgin High School. Lauren and I have a special love affair for each other. I helped her make her cheer leader outfit fit like a glove and we instantly loved each other. Her prom dress was all over sequins, and needed to be taken in at the bust, the slit raised (yeah, the dress was made for a shorter girl) and the length taken up.  She had a medical emergency the last week before prom (May 18th), but with my help, we made the deadline just by a hair. Love this gal and her family. Great folks.

For her special day…




Another darling sewing customer that came through my door. This beautiful woman is marrying her sweetheart of 17 years, eloping (what fun).

I had the pleasure of being the person in her life that made this dress fit perfectly in every way, and for a brief moment was her guiding advice on flowers, hair, and all the little things, as she truly has not told anyone about this.

And many, many wonderful memories were created in every aspect. She enjoyed every moment, treasured it, and was so excited. She beamed with excitement and was such a sweet, kind person.

Pure pleasure as she is a doll baby in every way.




Oh my leather…

I had never ever sewed anything that was leather. I was sure that it was going to be ‘too’ hard, so I resisted it like mad, telling those that called that I could not do it.

Kay-Proctor-Leather-Sewing-Alterations-Hutto-78634Then one day a lovely gal that I had sewed for before asked me to fix her husband’s chaps. She was such a sweetheart, that I thought surely I can do this. They needed new zippers, so I quietly said yes.  And I didn’t die putting in the zippers. I was saved for another leather experience.

Next this young man who is a Veteran, asked me to put these patches on his vest. I said ‘sure’, Kay-Proctor-Alterations-Sewing-Leather-Hutto-78634-Frugthis time with more certainty. I did the smaller ones first, getting my Bernina to work with me on this. They turned out very nice. It then became time to confront that big circular patch for the back.

It was about 16″ across. I tried to push a pin in at the top and bottom to steady it somewhat, but I could not puncture the leather. It was some very tough leather. I asked my 24 year old son to help me by putting 2 larger safety pins in to hold it in place, as it had to be positioned in a certain way. He had the strength.

Kay-Proctor-Hutto-78634-Alterations-Frugal-FrugThat worked fine, though the sewing speed was probably faster than a turtle after a bad night of drinking. Very slow, but it turned out great. And the young man was a happy camper.

This past week I had the honor of replacing a zipper in a 20 year old USA jacket. Kay-Proctor-Leather-Sewing-Hutto-78634This time, as a seasoned zipper-putter-inner, it worked out fairly smoothly, with only a small amount of ripping.

Leather…well, while it isn’t fast work, I now know I can do it, and can get a good result. And I am pretty sure I am much less expensive than just about anyone else around. So guess, it is all good.

Additions to the Baby Creations


Kay-Proctor-Sewing-Alterations-Round-Rock-HuttoI made a custom car seat cover for a Chicco car seat. This was not easy. I made a pattern out muslin, sewed it together to see if it would work. Some parts did, others did not.

When I finally was satisfied with the pattern, I cut it out of the fashion fabric. I backed it with a thin fiberfill batting as I wanted a level of softness  under the baby in addition to the padding that comes on the factory cover.

Kay-Proctor-Custom-Sewing-Alterations-Round-Rock-Austin-HuttoDecided on the fabrics for the various pieces, made the cradle for the baby to use when it is itsy-bitsy, then made the covers for the straps & the handle.

The lovely young mother-to-be was estatic. Her momma gave it to her as surprise at a shower. I received nice thank you from the new mom-to-be as well as the grandmother.

Kay-Proctor-Sewing-Custom-Alterations-Hutto-78634Now, I am busy now making additional blankets, burp cloths, boppy cover–this new young baby boy is getting all set up.

Baby Creations


I have the pleasure of creating for a gorgeous new baby boy that is on his way, due March 1st. As  you know, there just aren’t things out there for boys — as most everything is designed for girls.

All the boys stuff is dull, colorless and drab. Well, this ingenious grandmother got busy on a quest to find some whimsical fabric and we have created a great upbeat tone for this new arrival.

Kay-Proctor-Alterations-Tag-Blanket-HuttoI made taggie blankets for the first time. You ask, what is a taggie?  I asked the same question. Well, you know how your babies loved the tags on their stuffed animals and when you’d look, the tag was in their mouth, because they just loved the tag.

This was the birth of what is called a taggie blanket in the marketplace. Easy to make — just requires about 1/2 yard of 2 colors of fabric — prefer washable satin as one side (as baby’s love the satin) and the other side can be your fashion fabric. Then add loops of about 6-8 different ribbons all along the sides, folded double so there are not raveling edges.

Here are some of the ones I have made.

Next, a blanket for the crib and bumper pads was made in this same whimsical fabric. Such a cute fun place now for this new baby to look at the colors, feel the various textures and just open their world up to their beautiful new journey. Hope you enjoy.



Attributes of a Good Seamstress


–  Patience – there is often much ripping out of mistakes and doing over in sewing.

–  Organization – A seamstress is surrounded by items that require organization; patterns, tools of the trade, such as bolts of fabrics, threads, measuring equipment, books, etc . . .

–  Accounting knowledge – the individual seamstress might have to keep her own financial records.  A seamstress also has to be good at math to perform the precise meauring tasks involved and to avoid waste of material when positioning and cutting out patterns.

–  People skills – working in an intimate manner with others, as a seamstress is often required to do, requires tact, diplomacy, courtesy and ability to communicate with skill.

–  Attention to detail – A seamstress might even have to possess perfectionist tendencies, the need for attention to every minute detail is so extensively required.

–  Reliability – An individual who aspires to be a professional seamstress must be able to fulfill promises and meet deadlines.

–  Vision – Being able to visualize a finished product requires imagination and creativity.