Prom dresses… what fun…


How much fun can one seamstress have? Well, lots when it comes to gorgeous dresses.

I have had the pleasure of helping some of the most beautiful girls make their prom dresses fit like a glove, show off all their curves and have them look smokin’ hot for this special time in their life.

Maggie-Taylor-Prom-Kay-Proctor-AlterationsMaggie Taylor, Hutto High School prom plus Thorndale prom with her boyfriend. Double duty from this amazing dress. Eleven yards around the bottom of pure elegance, tapered to a slight train in the back. She was so stunning, her mom, Marianne, and I just sat there with our jaw dropped. She is such a beautiful girl in a most beautiful dress.

Elena Gavia was a pure dream… Her mom, Maria and I had so much fun.Kay-Proctor-Elena-Gavia-Sewing-Altreration Kay-Proctor-Alterations-Taylor-Hutto-Elena-GarviaElena goes to Hutto High School with their prom May 17th. Here she is in my sewing room then with her good-looking boyfriend. We so enjoyed one another, that I know we’ll see more of each other soon. It was an instant love affair with Elena. She is the epitome of a doll baby.

Kay-Proctor-Alterations-Ellie-Gunderson-78664Ellie Gunderson — sophomore at Cedar Ridge High School in Round Rock. This young lady is a volley ball player and she has a figure that all of us would easily die for.

Kay-Proctor-Alterations-Ellie-Gunderson-78634Here she is in this gorgeous red dress, leg slit up to the uh-uh, and the back so elegantly draped.  Enjoyed her very much, and her mom, Stephanie, was an absolute joy too.

Kay-Proctor-Alterations-78664-78634-Nicole-FisherNicole Fisher — sophomore at Cedar Ridge High School in Round Rock. Volley ball player too, and body is so svelte that us older gals become immediately envious. Her gorgeous hot pink gown was another one that had eleven yards of very slippery silk chiffon. Turned out great, and she was all set to dance the night away with her date.

Lauren Wright1Lauren Wright — senior at Elgin High School. Lauren and I have a special love affair for each other. I helped her make her cheer leader outfit fit like a glove and we instantly loved each other. Her prom dress was all over sequins, and needed to be taken in at the bust, the slit raised (yeah, the dress was made for a shorter girl) and the length taken up.  She had a medical emergency the last week before prom (May 18th), but with my help, we made the deadline just by a hair. Love this gal and her family. Great folks.

About Kay Proctor

A strong, self-motivated business executive with over 30 years of sales and marketing training along with teaching and executive management experience, Kay brings her knowledge, skills and abilities resulting in expansion of your business. Over the course of her career, she has worked in fields of management, CEO, business owner, sales, finance and teacher. She has created and implemented successful policy and procedure development to assist in expansion. She gets results and businesses expand as a result of her help. Kay is very direct, she is very, very funny (with millions of Texas slang expressions) and she is very energetic. For hobbies, she enjoys sewing and is a very accomplished seamstress, she is a very accomplished dancer, she loves gardening, growing her own vegetables and she loves to make things better. Her greatest joy is to see things improve and is a true entrepreneur.

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